1978 Chrysler Cordoba Crown Edition

Think of Ricardo Montalbán and visions of Chrysler Cordobas equipped with Landau roofs and rich, Corinthian leather immediately come to mind.  With emissions regulations and rising insurance premiums effectively killing interest in muscle cars, by the mid-seventies Chrysler turned their attention to the burgeoning mid-size, personal luxury segment then dominated by the Oldsmobile Cutlass and Ford Thunderbird.  The Cordoba was originally intended to be a Plymouth, however Chrysler executives decided to seek higher profits by marketing the model under the more upscale Chrysler brand. The car was a success, with over 150,000 examples sold in 1975. For 1978, Chrysler completed a modest restyling featuring stacked rectangular headlights.  Unfortunately, this made the Cordoba look eerily similar to the outgoing Chevrolet Monte Carlo and Pontiac Grand Prix that were downsized and redesigned for 1978 and consequently sales continued to slide for the marque.

This particular 1978 Cordoba is a rare Crown Coupe edition, which featured every available option offered by Chrysler that year. This original-owner, 86K specimen appears to be very clean and straight in a nice silver-on-silver combination equipped with a 400 Cu In (6.6L) V8. Be sure to check out the silver rich Corinthian leather that appears to be in like-new condition!  You can find it for sale in Butterfield, Minnesota on AllCollectorCars.com by clicking here.