How many of you watched Farah Fawcett driving one of these on Charlie’s Angels?  Say, “Ford Cobra” to any knowledgeable car enthusiast and we guarantee this is the last car they will think of!  While “Cobra” is synonymous with Carroll Shelby’s Ford-powered two-seat AC-Bristol sports car that dominated U.S. road racing circuits in the 1960s, by the late 70’s all Ford could do with the name is use it as a decal package on a 130 HP, 302 Cu In (4.9L) Mustang II in a lame attempt to steal sales from the very popular Pontiac Trans Am of the day. This example shows well 40 years later in its silver and red combination. Red pinstriping abounds on this car, even along the sides of it’s removable T-Tops! The seller claims just under 70K original miles and based upon the condition of the exterior, interior, and even the undercarriage shots provided we have no reason to doubt that.