Here’s a restorable, rust-free example of the Oldsmobile Starfire, the H-body sibling to the Chevrolet Monza 2+2, Buick Skyhawk, and Pontiac Sunbird produced from 1975 through 1980.  GM designed the Vega-based H-body to show off its upcoming Wankel Rotary engine. However, when that powerplant could not meet emissions and fuel economy targets, GM ended up offering these cars with traditional piston-based engines in four-, six, and even eight-cylinder versions.

We love that this car features Buick’s 231 cubic inch (3.8L) “Even-Fire” V6 engine and what GM described at the time as a “Compact-a-Color” interior, in which they paired white seats and door cards with a dashboard and carpet that matched the exterior color. Described as 49K rust-free survivor that needs a new exhaust and a good interior scrubbing and detail, this car was sold in November 2019.