The original Mini was in production from 1959 through 2000.  The original two-door and the Traveler version here were designed for British Motor Company (“BMC”) by Sir Alec Issigonis.   His designed revolutionized car design with its space-saving transverse engine front-wheel drive layout – allowing 80 percent of the area of the car’s floorplan to be used for passengers and luggage – influenced a generation of car makers. Mini-Travelers such as this one were two-door station wagons (estate cars in Europe) with double “barn”-style rear doors built on a slightly longer chassis of 84 inches (2.100 m) compared to 80.25 inches (2.038 m) for the two-door.  This example features the original decorative, non-structural, ash wood trim on the rear body, in the style of a pre-war shooting-brake. This gave rise to these cars simply being called a Woodie.

This restorable example claims to wear its original paint, wood, and floor pan and features and older mechanical restoration that the owner claims runs great.  This Mini Traveler comes with a bunch of spare parts still new in boxes including a full interior and even a Rokie dashboard.