The 1955 Chrysler 300 is really the first muscle car.  Period.  For 1955 Virgil Exner’s “forward look” styling Chryslers were completely new, shedding their conservative reputation with dynamically engineered and styled cars. The “300” moniker stood for 300 horsepower that was an industry first made possible by incorporating two four-barrel carburetors, solid lifters, a hotter cam, and large dual exhaust on its 331 Cu In V8. Besides unique checkered flag badges, the distinctive hardtops were based on the lighter Windsor chassis, to which was added the distinctive Imperial front clip, resulting in a unique model for the 1955 Chrysler line.  Chrysler started the “Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday” marketing strategy with this car as they configured the 300s specifically for NASCAR, back when “stock car racing” mandated a stock, production car.

The current owner purchased this black-over-tan leather example 30 years ago from the son of the original owner and proceeded to restore it to the condition shown here.  In addition to thoroughly redoing the entire powertrain, interior, and exterior, two notable upgrades include a power steering upgrade and a radiator re-core with modern components to prevent overheating.  We love that even the spare is a wire wheel.