The Goat.  GM’s John DeLorean, Bill Collins, and Russ Gee were responsible for the GTO’s creation in 1964 that involved transforming the upcoming second-generation Pontiac Tempest (which reverted to a conventional front-engine with front transmission configuration) into a sporty car, with a larger 389 cu in Pontiac V8 engine from the full-sized Pontiac Catalina and Bonneville in place of the standard 326 cu in V8. The team believed the big-engine option would appeal to the speed-minded youth market.  The GTO disregarded GM’s policy at the time which limited the A-body intermediate line to a maximum engine displacement of 330 cu in (5.4 L). While GTOs came standard with a single Carter AFB carburetor feeding a 389 cu in V8, the desirable performance to add was Tri-Power. The three Rochester two-barrel carburetors increased the 389’s horsepower to 348. Pontiac restyled the entire Tempest model line up for 1965, the most notable feature being the switch to quad vertically stacked headlights and the hood scoop on GTOs.

We love this 40K original mile Fountain Blue-over-parchment hardtop not only for its color combination, but more for the standard steel rims and hubcaps with red line tires mounted rather than the typical Rallye 1’s seen on these cars. We also like that the owner honestly admits that he converted the original black interior and Carter 4 Barrel to Parchment and Tri-Power during the car’s restoration.