Volkswagen’s R model Golf represents the pinnacle of the brand’s sleeper performance. After a four year absence, for 2012 VW reintroduced the top-of-the-line R-model in the U.S. Unlike the previous Mk5 R32 version’s six-cylinder power and DSG automatic-only transmission, the new Mk6 R model now featured a lighter 2.0L FSI turbocharged inline-four-cylinder producing 256hp and 243 lb-ft of torque connected only to a six-speed manual controlling the Haldex all-wheel-drive system. At the time VW claimed sub-six second 0-60MPH times due to the new car being 200 pounds lighter with slighter more power than the previous Mk5 version.  VW also offered the US Mk6 R-model in the Five-Door version for the first time, making these the ultimate version of the R Q-ship.  Besides the “R” badges placed discretely on the grille and rear hatch, the only telltale exterior detail of these cars is the signature center-mounted rear exhaust.

Presented here is an unmolested Carbon Steel Gray Metallic-over-Gray leather Five-Door model with 98K miles. You could not ask for a better color and body style combination when putting together a Q-ship as your daily driver!  While the interior presents very well, the seller mentions this example has average paint with scratches and chips in the front and rear bumpers.  This example appears to be well maintained mechanically and the best part of all is that it has not been modified in any way!