As the team Guys With Rides Team searches the internet looking for great Antique, Classic, Muscle, and Vintage collector cars to share with you, occasionally we run across an ad in which the seller’s price expectations are simply not realistic. For these ads, we’ve created the GWR Optimist Award!

Our introductory award winner is what the seller claims is a 1957 Corvette Fuelie that, in his words, “CAR NEEDS TOTAL RESTORATION.  Has been in storage for 50 years.” In addition to being a non-running, incomplete car, here’s what else the seller says that has us running and why you should be too!

  • Despite being an original automatic, the car currently comes with a ’63 Borg-Warner T-10 four-speed 63 T-10) manual.
  • At some point a previous owner hacked the front fenders to install vertical dual quad headlights; the current seller has NOS fiberglass panels to restore the front end to single lights.
  • The frame needs repair from center to rear over banjo on both sides. In other words, it needs a complete replacement frame!
  • Needs complete new interior.
  • The fuel injection system does not include the hard-to-find air cleaner, fuel filter, or ignition shielding. Not only are they hard to find, but then try finding parts that have the correct date code!


Haggerty currently values a ’57 Fuel Injected 250HP Corvette in “Fair Condition” at $48,000. “Fair Condition” is a complete, running car in restorable condition. The seller’s rationalization for their $56,000 price is their claim that, “Bloomington Gold Fuel Injected ’57 Vettes are selling for between $225,000 to $275,000 and the prices have continued to increase.” There are two problems with their assessment. First, it would likely take $200,000 to buy all the parts needed along with the restoration costs to get this example close to that level. Second, on any given day a potential buyer can a fully restored ’57 Corvette for well under $200K. We’re at the point where there are more over-restored C1 Corvettes than potential buyers to pay such high prices.

In conclusion, what we have here is a nice ’57 Corvette parts car.