The 1968 “C3” Corvette was a tough act to follow after the stunning “C2” version of 1963-1967. Introduced for model year 1968, this version continued through model year 1982.  While the “bird cage” frame and powertrain carried over from the prior generation, the C3’s body and interior featured many design elements from the Mako Shark concept car conceived several years earlier.  The most notable design elements of that concept that made production included the cowl door that hid the windshield wipers when not in use, Astro ventilation that eliminated side vent windows, and a fibre-optic light monitoring system. The single “Stingray” name now used on the C3 was a change from the two-word “Sting Ray” logo used on the prior design. Engine choices for ’68 ranged from a 300 hp 327 cu in V8 to the monster 435 hp 427 cu in monster featured in this post.

Presented today for Tri-Power Thursday is this restored gorgeous British Green over black vinyl ’68 C3 Corvette Convertible.  Documented with a readable but tattered gas tank sticker, this car came factory equipped with Chevy’s L89 427 cu in big block V8 producing 435 hp due to the three two-barrel carburetors combined with the L-89 optioned heads. The seller claims this Corvette underwent a frame-off restoration with all components rebuilt or replaced. While the car features a replacement motor (Not Original Motor or “NOM”) however the engine is correctly numbered and dated including casting date. The seller claims all other major components have proper casting dates and stamps.