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No exterior door handles, roll up windows, air conditioning, air bags, or anti-lock brakes. Side exhaust pipes that could burn passenger’s legs.  These are the adjectives used to describe many British sports cars from the 1950s, not a new Dodge for model year 1991.  The original Viper is one of the last great analog cars for these reasons.

In the late 80’s Chrysler was on roll after successfully recovering from near bankruptcy at the beginning of the decade.  Adding to that newfound success, Chrysler’s Product Manager Bob Lutz commissioned a show car that would be a modern interpretation of the Cobra.The original Viper was intended to be a performance sports car.  The V10 Powered Viper Concept first appeared at the January 1989 North American Auto Show.  Dodge received such overwhelming positive response (including reports of customers trying to place deposits at the local dealerships!) that the company formed “Team Viper” with just 85 engineers in March 1989. This team had its first pre-production prototype ready for testing by February the following year. Another pre-production car paced the 1991 Indy 500 before the Viper RT/10 entered production in January 1992.

Chrysler owned Lamborghini by that point and they were tasked with designing the aluminum-alloy 8.0 Liter (466 cu in) V10 engine based on Mopar’s existing LA V8 engine architecture.  The new engine produced 466 hp at 4,600 RPM and 465 lb-ft of torque at 3,600 rpm.

Original 8.0L Dodge Viper V10 Engine

The example featured here is a 15K mile, with the original concept car’s red over grey leather color scheme. The second owner of the car is offering this Viper with two sets of wheels: the nice wheels shown in the pictures as well as the original factory set. The seller states this Viper is in excellent condition both inside and out and features a brand new battery.  You can find it in Winchester, Virginia by a private seller for $30,000.