Why you ask would we feature a ’40 Ford Restomod on Turbo Thursday? Well, because the builder used a Turbo-Hydramatic 350 for the transmission and we just love this modern interpretation of a ’40 Ford Business Coupe! The ’39-’40 Ford Business coupe was a popular car for Moonshine Runners to use that eventually fueled the growth of stock car racing in the United States.

According to Autofoundry.com, “the ’39 and ’40 Ford Coupe is probably the most iconic bootlegging car of all time.  Whiskey mechanics had all kinds of tricks for getting more power out of these flathead V-8’s.  Bore them, stroke them, add hotter cams and bigger carburetors.  All of the hot-rodding basics – they were evolving at the time.  They’d even do engine swaps, supplanting the stock motors with Cadillac ambulance engines – the biggest V-8s around at the time.

1940 Ford Business Coupe Chevy-Powered Restomod

The 1940 Ford fitted with supercharged V-8 Cadillac ambulance engines was in many ways the perfect moonshine-running car,  due to its copious cargo-carrying capacity and its awesome power. The trunk was enormous, capable of holding 100-132 gallons of moonshine either in carefully-packed jars or gallon-size tins.  Even when purely stock, the 1940 Ford V-8 provided an extremely stable ride due to its torsion bar, a wanted characteristic for bootleggers navigating moonlit red-dirt switchbacks with 100 gallons of highly-flammable liquid in their trunks.”

Chevrolet 350 Installed in ’40Ford Business Coupe

The 5,700-on-build, all steel, Black-over-Red example presented here is a great modern interpretation of what the true whiskey runner cars looked like back in the day. Unlike those original versions, the seller states this example features a Chevrolet 350 cu in V8 backed by a Turb-Hydramatic 350 transmission, four-wheel disc brakes, power steering, and air conditioning. The seller states the car features an “upgraded suspension all-around” however he does not provide pictures or details beyond that.

We love the black-over-bright red color scheme throughout the car and the attention to detail shows. For example, we love how well the builder integrated the A/C vents into the dashboard and the modern leather-covered bucket seats look like they were factory installed.