While a very popular alternative to BMW and Mercedes today, auto enthusiasts forget that back in the early 1990s Audi was still trying to recover from the sudden unintended acceleration PR nightmare caused by a biased 60 Minutes expose (which was later debunked and CBS admitted to rigging cars) and a series of recalls by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the late 80’s. Consequently, Audi’s annual sales averaged only 12K units by the early 90’s, making US examples hard to come by twenty-five years later. The company went as far renaming the 5000 the 100 in an attempt to rebuild the brand.

Given the rarity of early 90s Audis in the US today, we’re not surprised to see this right hand drive, Red over Tan Cloth ’93 example presented here. The seller states that the car runs and drives smooth and the clutch as good feel. He also states the good is that all lights, windows, and moonroof operate as designed. While this example features a new battery, the seller reports that front fender paint is bubbling (typical rust spot for these cars) and the car a complete brake job as well as address a low hanging exhaust. Additionally the cloth seats, especially the driver’s position, need to be thoroughly cleaned and repaired.

So, if you’re looking for something different and want to freak out everyone at your local Cars & Coffee, with a bit of work you’ll have a hit on your hands!