1966 Shelby GT Convertible Tribute Car

In 1966 Shelby built only six GT 350 Convertibles, of which four are in still in existence today. The example presented here is a tribute car that we’re pretty confident we like more than any of the “real deals” and here’s why.

1966 Shelby GT350 Convertible Tribute Interior Showing Rare Bench Seat & Factory Air!

First, the seller states the car features working factory air conditioning and a rare bench seat, pony trim interior. We doubt Shelby ever would have offered the bench seat option, but in this example it just works! Second, we love the subtle touches that arguably make this car better than an original Shelby. These include an MSD electronic ignition, four wheel power disc brakes, and reinforced and connected sub-frames.

While the seller states the car is equipped with a Shelby style roll bar, we’d rather change that out with the more attractive padded style that Shelby later offered, but that’s our personal taste. This car represents the chance to have the Shelby experience at a reasonable cost without the worry of damaging an original car. We say drive the snot out of it and enjoy!