Not since 1984 has Volkswagen offered a “coupe utility” vehicle, or “UTE”, in the U.S. when the Mark I Rabbit Caddy ended production. The Smyth conversion on this 2010 Jetta changes all that! Smyth Performance of Wareham, Massachusetts offers $3,500 kits designed for advanced “do-it-yourselfers” to build the project in their garage in a couple of weekends ( final prep and paint not included).

We love the look and with all of the major motor vehicle manufacturers having abandoned these more practical half-car, half-truck cross-overs, its no surprise the aftermarket now offers kits like these.

With the average Private Party value of a regular 2010 Jetta Sedan currently at $5,000 with similar mileage, the seller is asking you to pay a $10,500 premium for the advantage of having a one-of-kind Jetta truck. If you’re willing to go that route, you can find this Jetta UTE on Craigslist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by clicking here. The seller boldly states this example needs nothing but a new owner, so remember to look over the basics when you go to look at this cool conversion!