The Crew at Jalopnik has a very cool 1975 Volvo Cross Country they just relisted on Craigslist. Their ad is detailed and entertaining enough that we would be doing a disservice by writing anything other than what they’ve already provided below. Enjoy!

Straight out of Copenhagen, it’s the 1975 Volvo C303, known by the blipshift crew as the LOLvo. Say goodbye to speeding tickets and anyone that values their dignity as you climb into the military-grade cabin (read: few creature comforts). As you run your hands across the paint-chipped, wood-splintered body, you think to yourself, “Out of 7 billion people, why me? WHYYYYY???!!!!!!”

Well here’s why, it boasts: 

-Mid-mounted B30 3.0 Straight 6. Water-cooled. What’s cooler than being cool? Well, ice-cooled, which can be a necessity on warmer days
-Portal Axles (excellent ground clearance)
-Locking Diffs
-Little rust due to zinc body panels and underbody rustproofing
-Aftermarket electric aux cooling fan and electric kill switch
-Aftermarket Magnaflow exhaust. All sound, little fury. Some worry
-Synchroed 4 speed with high and low gears. What luxury!
-Seating for 7! 
-Optional machine gun mount NOT included. Blame the lawyers
-35 inch BFG Mud Terrains (tire kickers ok; they’re pretty sturdy)
-Only 50000 Swedish freedom units. Or 31,000 miles
-It’s mid engined, manual, European. Effectively a Ferrari

How was it treated?
-It was driven only by the old ladies of this office, or the young men who most drive like them. 
-It’s never been raced, minus holding the record for slowest lap at Monticello. 
-And while it hasn’t been garage kept, it has spent much of its life in various garages. With that being said…

There are some less than favorable areas. We wanted to call this section “99 Problems: Part 2,” but that might be underselling it. Without further ado, the issues:

-Possible exhaust leak
-Brake pedal goes to the floor (kind of stops). It sinks like the titanic, only it takes longer.
-Rough starting. Hey, it’s over 40 years old, let’s see you do better.
-Can’t break loose the portal axles for fluid change
-Torn gearshift bootie. In context, this is barely even a problem.
-No driver’s side headlight lamp cover. The light turns on, or used to. This feels like a metaphor.
-Battery drains without main cutoff switch
-Wipers work sporadically. The passenger wiper less than sporadically 
-Probably will need valve seats redone as it’s not been running leaded.
-Likely needs new plugs as it’s been running pretty rich. The air supply smells a bit too much like the fuel supply… or actual Air Supply
-Driver door latch button sticks
-Some of the mechanical fan blades are broken
-Mirrors broken. You can’t look back at your mistake now! 
-Lexan “glass” on sides/rear is fogged up
-Water leaks into passenger area
-Side moulding of wood is more like a pile of splinters
-Fuel canister brackets on rear should be repaired/replaced
-Minor collision damage when it was hit from the rear, bending the bumper slightly and damaging a backup light. But you should’ve seen the other guy

If you’re in the market for these, you already know more than us. While this one won’t do the Paris-Dakar, it can do the Queens-Manhattan with only limited issues. Ideal for either off-roading or the city – and nothing in between – its short size, gigantic tires, and good visibility have made it a stable running mate (and we use both stable and running loosely). Got questions? Understandable. Shoot us an email – we’re happy to talk and even happier to negotiate. And no lowballers! Or highballers…we don’t want that guilt on our minds. 


More pics: