You can find this cool Right-Hand Drive Kei-Class mini truck imported from Japan. The seller’s description is very brief, so please scroll down to read our take and scroll even further down to leave a comment. The pictures provided clearly were taken in Japan and given the seller’s location in the port city of Elizabeth, New Jersey, our hunch is that he’s an importer posing as a private seller on Craigslist.

The U.S. Federal Government’s “25 Year” rule exempts vehicles from American safety and emissions standards once they reach their 25th birthday. The 1990’s were the heyday for Japanese Auto manufacturers and as a result we’re starting to see a wave of right-hand drive vehicles being imported.

The Suzuki Carry presented here is a Kei Class mini truck built to the following specifications mandated since 1998 in Japan: maximum length of 134 inches, a maximum width of 58 inches, a maximum height of 79 inches, a maximum engine displacement of 660 cc’s, and a governed speed of up to 75 miles per hour.

With its go-anywhere all-wheel-drive powertrain combined with a bed that features hinged sides all around, the example here makes an interesting economical road-legal alternative to the popularity of expensive ATVs. The interior has a well-worn patina that any real truck earns and deserves. That said, a Saturday morning’s worth of cleaning will do wonders.

Despite being a Japanese market vehicle, the critical gauges are labeled in English, albeit with a speedometer measured in Kilometers Per Hour, although we doubt anyone will get a speeding ticket in one of these if they get the conversion wrong. The roughly 88,000 kilometers shown translates to only 53,000 miles so there’s a lot of life left in this workhorse. This example even features air conditioning.

The lone chassis picture provided shows only minor surface rust that can easily be attended to. We just love how much potential there is for this vehicle for not a lot of money!