The 1987 Mercedes-Benz 300TD presented here is from the second model year of North American production of the W124 chassis which lasted through 1995 and introduced a number of safety and luxury features people take for granted today. This version of the E-Series was a nice combination of roominess and safety with a diesel engine capable of delivering over 30MPG on the highway.

This 210K mile, Dark Gray over Light Gray appears to be solid running condition. While this would be considered a high-mileage car if gas-powered, the straight six-cylinder diesel in this wagon is barely broken in as these engines have proven to be extremely durable and reliable. While the exterior of this car shows its age, we can’t get over how nice the leather passenger compartment carpet looks on the interior, especially for such a light color.

There is no escaping the fact though that the large rear luggage compartment has seen its share of use, as there appear to be many stains that are likely permanent given the carpet appears to have been steam cleaned.

The seller provides a number of undercarriage pictures that show a very solid chassis overall. However, there are two places we see requiring closer inspection. The first being the driver’s side rocker panel above the jack point and the passenger side rear wheel arch. While neither is a reason to walk away from the car, they will need to be addressed soon before things get much worse.

The seller claims that this example was part of an estate sale from a family friend and that it benefits from a new battery and brakes as well as a fresh oil change. The original maintenance booklet comes with the car. We highly recommend inspecting that book carefully: if that has been filled out completely by an M-B dealer, you likely have a great car on your hands.