Scouring our sources looking for a unique vehicle to feature on #FourByFriday yielded this very cool and one-of-kind 1964 Ford Ranchero 4×4! It features a full custom frame, vintage jeep running gear, and get this: an all-aluminum 300 horsepower, 215 cubic inch aluminum V8 mated to a close-ratio, Hurst-shifted 4-speed!

The choice of a Buick aluminum V8 at first made us scratch our head, however looking at the modified engine bay and chassis featuring aluminum construction made us realize the owner smartly looked to save weight. The single-chamber master cylinder confirms this example likely continues to rely on drum brakes all-round.

The picture below shows the attention to detail put into this build. Note the boxed-and-welded header openings formed out of the aluminum panels.

This example features a custom frame finished in gold anodizing.

The custom fuel tank is also custom gold anodized.

Note the vintage Jeep transfer case. The seller does not provide details on which models of axles or transfer case he used for the build.

There is also a winch in the custom made front bumper that is also functional. Imagine the stares you’ll get helping pull pedestrian Jeeps out of a rut with this!

The interior features two-tone black-and-gray cloth bucket sheets and custom Stewart-Warner gauges. The mileage since completing the build is just shy of 3,000.

While we love the CB radio (they do come in handy when out on a trail) we’d need to upgrade the current cassette stereo and speakers for a modern bluetooth unit.

As the owner proudly states, this is a true one-of-a-kind build that he completed with quality and perfection at every step. This isn’t your typical throw-your-favorite-car-body-on-top-of-a-jeep chassis backyard build. We love that the ride height is Goldilocks perfect: not too high, not too low.

This Ranchero will turn heads whether it’s shined-up for a local Cars & Coffee or getting muddy out on your favorite trail. Good luck with the sale!