We found this 1978 Lincoln Town Coupe for sale by the original owner’s son here on Hemmings.com in Greenwich, Connecticut for the negotiable asking price of $17,500. Based on the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool values for this car, the seller has his dad’s car optimistically priced between the #1 “Concours” and #2 “Excellent” levels, so we think there is a lot of room for negotiation here and believe that $15,000 is a solid offer for this car.

The seller states his father bought this rare Town Coupe brand new and as was standard practice in the Rust Belt in those days, he smartly had his new car “Ziebarted” – a proven rust treatment company and process before manufacturers figured out how to prevent rust other ways. In 2010 the seller’s father had his car restored by Baker’s Auto in Putham, Connecticut that included a nice repaint and re-chroming of all trim as the exterior shots below indicate. The car has only added one thousand miles since the restoration. Note that this example features the rare moon roof option.

Even more impressive is the completely reupholstered interior and trunk. We are very impressed with the skill level that went into the new leather upholstery:

The seller provides a number of undercarriage shots that show other than overspray from the repaint, the Ziebart undercoating held up well and did its job. If you’re not familiar with the Ziebart process, the door jamb shot below shows black plastic plugs; the Ziebart shops used to drill holes in vehicles in order to apply their patented coating in the deep recesses of each car.

In addition to all of the cosmetic work, the seller states Baker’s Auto completed a “complete review” of all of the power train systems. You’ll need to confirm what the engine required as part of this process. The engine compartment just needs a thorough detailing to get it ready for the show car circuit.

The seller states that, “this car is an excellent daily driver / Sunday driver but is not yet to “Show Car” standard.” We agree, this example received a nice restoration on a solid car. A few weekends of careful detailing will have this ready for show. Good luck with the sale!