We spotted this Green-over-Green Cloth ’97 Ranger Flareside here on Craigslist near Millville, New Jersey for a fair $2,250 but the owner is open to best offers! We realized what a great candidate this truck will make to restore or Hot Rod as these are just right size for so many people. We just don’t get why manufacturers refuse to make a small pickup that can fit into a one-car garage!

The private seller listed this Ranger for his mother, who is the original owner who doesn’t drive it enough any more. The seller states that this Ranger “still runs great” and features the standard four cylinder motor mated to a rare five-speed speed manual transmission.

The interior is in very good shape for the age. Other than the driver’s door dent and what appears to be surface rust on the front bumper, the body of this Ranger presents very well. The seller states that both the air conditioning and gas guage do not work. We have a feeling that is one won’t last long, so if you end up buying it, let us know what you plan to do with it. Good luck with the sale!