Presented here is the very first Ferrari we’ve featured here at GuysWithRides. Why did it take so long? Simple. This is the first driver-quality, attainable Ferrari we’ve encountered since starting our website. Normally for Malaise Monday, we find a domestic car to feature. However, this late seventies Ferrari fits the bill as an example of the lower horsepower and less attractive safety bumpers U.S. versions had to endure. We spotted it for sale in March 2019 on Craigslist on the northeast side of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for sale by a private seller for $45,000. Based on the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool, the seller has his car appropriately priced around the #4 “Fair” level.

The Ferrari 308GT4 Dino was a mid-engined V8 2+2 produced from 1973 through 1979 before being replaced by the Mondial range in 1980. The GT4 was the first production Ferrari to feature styling penned by Betone’s Marcello Gandini; consequently you can see the angular lines of his other designs, such as the Lancia Stratos and Lamborghini Urraco coming through in this Ferrari versus the more curvaceous designs typically provided by Pininfarina. The GT4 also featured Ferrari’s first production V8, which was mounted transversely and connected to a five-speed gated gearbox. This new belt-driven, double overhead cam V8 displaced 2,927 cc (179 cu. in.), although Ferrari preferred to round up to a full 3.0 liters. With four dual-throat Webers, the smog-controlled U.S. version was rated at 240 horsepower, about ten horsepower less than its European counterpart. The GT4 carried the ‘Dino’ badging through the model year 1976; after that, it simply used the “Ferrari” badging these cars deserved.

The seller presents his Rosso Corsa-over-Cream leather, 55.2K mile example Ferrari as, in his words, is a “one-repaint, very high-quality driver that had a minor rust repair completed below the belt line of the body hence the pinstripe which is probably covering a tape line from when the work was completed. From the pictures provided, this example appears to be a driver-quality exterior.

The cream leather interior presents well, although in some pictures, we note that the driver’s seat appears a bit darker, so a thorough cleaning and re-dye may be in order when seen in person. The seller claims everything is in working order, including the factory sunroof. A modern stereo has been fitted.

The sale includes all books, tools, jack, spare, flashlight, and factory repair manuals. The seller states this Ferrari has well-documented ownership with detailed service records going back many years through all owners; you’ll need to confirm how many owners there have been since new.

The only thing concerning to us is the fact that this example was in storage since May of 2014 and was just brought back to running condition with only a new battery and fresh fuel. Given the five-year lapse in driving the car, we feel a pre-purchase inspection (“PPI”) is mandatory on this car before diving into the realm of Ferrari ownership. The extensive service records the seller states come with the car may alleviate some of those fears.

From our perspective, this is a rare chance to own a Bertone-styled, sunroof-equipped, V8-powered 2+2 mid-engined Ferrari the new owner can genuinely enjoy driving while gaining admission to any Ferrari Club event. Good luck with the sale!