1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme W25 Hurst/Olds Survivor – SOLD!

Update: This one got away, but if you have your heart set on something similar, email us the details of what you’re looking for or call Rudy directly at (908)295-7330

By the early 1970s, the popularity of muscle cars declined as increasing insurance and decreased performance made the two-door personal luxury coupe a popular alternative. For the 1973 model year, General Motor’s launch of the “Colonnade” A-Body coupe versions of Buick’s Regal, Chevrolet’s Monte Carlo, Pontiac’s Grand Prix, and Oldsmobile’s Cutlass were a perfect fit for that trend. The Oldsmobile’s Cutlass’ blend of luxury and styling was by far the most popular of them all. By 1975, the Cutlass was the most popular car sold in America.

Capitalizing on their success with the 442, Hurst continued to partner with Oldsmobile to offer the Hurst/Olds Sport Coupe. By 1975, this trim level package was based on the formal roofline Cutlass and was the first General Motors car to have a “Hurst/Hatch” removable T-Top style roof installed. 1975 versions were available in either black or white, with either a black or white half vinyl top offset by a wide aluminum band. The W-25 version, like the one featured here, came equipped with an Oldsmobile 350 engine. 1975 was the first year of federally mandated catalytic converters, so consequently, only a single exhaust was available. Hood mounted center louvers continued for 1975 while gold stripes adorned the sides of the car, as well as the trunk, hood, and mirrors. The car also carried gold 15″x7″ Super Stock III Oldsmobile rims. Interiors featured new reversible vinyl/velour seat cushions and backs for the all-vinyl swivel Strato bucket seats. The most popular interior color combination on ’75 Hurst/Olds was white seats and door panels, and black carpet, dashboard, steering wheel, and console.

We found this 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Hurst Olds W25 for sale in April 2019 near Tewksbury, Massachusetts for the asking price of $16,500. Unfortunately, based on the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool, the private seller currently has his car optimistically priced between the #2 “Excellent” and #3 “Good” levels. While a nicely optioned and relatively rare mid-seventies Cutlass, this example is at best a driver quality car currently and thus should be priced somewhere between the #3 “Good” and #4 “Fair” levels. The NADA Classic, Collectible, Exotic, and Muscle Car Appraisal Guide reinforces this, so our thought is that $12,500 should be a more realistic selling price. The owner states that he has owned this car since 1984, is a rust-free example, and still features its original paint. The twin tailpipes indicate dual exhaust is now on the car, so you’ll have to ask the owner for the specifics on that.

The private seller’s car features the popular white vinyl and black velour interior as well as power windows and locks, tilt steering wheel, air conditioning, and the quintessential Hurst Dual-Gate shifter mounted in the center console.


The owner states that the 350 cubic inch connected to a Tubo-Hydramatic 350 automatic transmission in his words, “runs and drives excellent with no oil leaks or engine noises.” The first thing we would do is detail the engine compartment to bring it back to the level of the rest of the car, but that’s us.

This Malaise-era special edition Oldsmobile is a great entry-level collector car that will now gain you entry into any local car show or Cars & Coffee. These are very comfortable cruisers that can fit in your garage. The T-tops provide a top-down like experience that was becoming increasingly rare during this time. Hopefully, you’ll find the owner to be flexible with some negotiation on this sale. Good luck with the purchase!

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        Hi Danny lavoie here I’m really interested in the 1975 w25 horror stick shift are there any around for sale or I like the white one I used to have one okay let me know thank you for your time in this matter my name is Danny lavoie my telephone number is 207-333-0038 and 11 Lewiston I’m looking for a good price on that car I really like the fine one okay thank you


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