Found on Craigslist near Trenton, New Jersey is this very pretty Daytona Blue over Dark Blue Vinyl 1963 Corvette Convertible 55K mile survivor that the private seller is asking $39,999. Based on the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool, we believe the private seller has his Corvette realistically priced between the #3 “Good” and #4 “Fair” levels, so we predict this example will not last long!

1963 was the first year for Chevrolet’s new “C2” Corvette Sting Ray and while the beautiful new split-window coupe (a first for Corvette) stole the show, the convertible version was just as pretty. The beautiful styling was nicely matched through vastly improved handling accomplished through a combination of a shorter 98-inch wheelbase, improved “Ball Race” steering, and an innovative new independent rear suspension that reduced unsprung weight by 80 pounds. The only limiting factor was the continued use of aluminum drum brakes; four-wheel disc brakes would not be introduced until two years later.

We discovered a fun fact about this particular Corvette that the owner does not call out. The owner provides the VIN as 30867S100646, which correctly indicates a 1963 Corvette Convertible produced in the original St. Louis plant. The last six digits indicate the sequence produced. 100001 was the first 1963 produced, so this example is the 646th made in 1963, i.e so this car was one of the first of the 21,513 total 1963 Corvettes produced that year. In fact, entering the VIN on a Corvette VIN decoder site conformed this car was built on Friday, September 28, 1962!

The private seller says his Daytona Blue numbers matching example only has 55,000 original miles and that the engine has never been out of the car. In his words, the owner states his Corvette is a “very original car that runs and drives as it should and is ready to enjoy as is.” The exterior presents very nicely in the pictures with no mention made of whether this example has ever been repainted. Do your homework to know where to look inside the hood and headlights to verify whether the original bonding tabs have been sanded away.

Another detail worth noting: the knock-off wheels provided on this car are not original. The NCRS confirms that the cast aluminum wheels originally featured in the 1963 promotional cars did not enter production until 1964. You’ll need to confirm with the seller what the story is with his car’s wheels and whether he has the original steel wheels that came with his car available.

The interior presents very nicely with no signs of wear from the pictures provided. We love that this is a raw, low optioned car with no options shown in the interior other than the four-speed manual transmission. While not shown in the pictures provided, this Corvette features a new convertible top.

The 327 cubic inch, 300 horsepower, four-barrel equipped L75 is exactly the one-step-up engine option the author has the opportunity to order one of these new. The owner claims the engine has never been out of the car and the appearance is consistent with its 55K miles traveled. That said, the engine features new motor mounts and a complete tune-up.

In addition to the new parts mentioned above, this Corvette features a new gas tank, new wiring harnesses front and rear, a new clutch, new A-arms, and a recent wheel alignment. With no pictures of the undercarriage or what documentation comes with the car, it’s good to do your homework when you go to inspect this beautiful early production example.

With the plethora of over-restored, trailer queen Corvette C2s available for sale on any given day, we love that this is a great low option, driver quality C2 you can go out and enjoy without taking the car or yourself too seriously. The lack of power steering or power brakes will take a handful to drive, but we’re sure it will be worth it every time you take it out for a drive. Good luck with the purchase!