Searching the internet looking for nice cars to share on Guys With Rides can be a frustrating, yet funny experience, especially when we come across a nice ride otherwise ruined by an ad containing awful photos. If you want to sell your car, its critical to use good photos that show off your ride! If you need help, be sure to check our “NOEL” article on how to photograph your car with a smart phone.

The Tarp-covered Mercedes – honest to God, this was the lead photo on a recent ad for a 300D Sedan! We get that Craigslist can be a pain trying to select the right lead photo. If you want to sell your car, either take the five minutes to figure it out or take the tarp off!

Unfocused Partial Rear View – You know this Audi is very special because of the eight rings on the boot lid and only one tail light…oh wait. If you want to sell your car, take the five minutes to move far enough back to center the rear of the car and then focus the camera!

Pictures Taken At Night – Either this Mustang was stolen or the seller was in such a hurry he thought night shots would help it move quickly. If you want to sell your car, wait until daylight to take the pictures you need!

Tiny Car in a Big Foreground– phone camera screen shots are among the worst we’ve seen. The seller thinks we need to see the burn-out marks he just laid down with his Camaro. No, we just want to see the car! If you want to sell your car, focus on it close up as the subject, not the foreground its in!

Partial view on a lift – can someone enlighten us on what this owner was trying to show on his Blazer? The engine? The passenger side? All we see is that its on a lift! If you want to sell your car, don’t make it look like it needs service!