Screen Shot of what you see now when you start to post a For Sale By Owner Car Ad On Craigslist

It’s no secret that Guys With Rides sources many of the cars we feature from private seller posts on Craigslist. Its also no secret that we’ve been staunch critics of how car dealers avoid paying the $5 dealer fee on Craigslist by posing as Private Sellers when listing their cars. That all changes Monday, April 15th when Craigslist will also start charging Private Sellers $5 as well to list their vehicle.

In typical Craigslist fashion, the website did not break the news with a fancy press release. Instead, it took DMaster223 to post the news here on Reddit on Thursday to get the news out. Major car media outlets have reached out to Craigslist for comment but so far no official word on why the change.

Frankly, Guys With Rides supports this change and commends Craigslist for making it. While we lament that posting a “Car for Sale By Owner” ad is no longer free, we’re hopeful this change will greatly reduce the fake spam ads that sometimes even fool us at first. Even better, we’re hopeful this will reduce the proliferation of dealers posing as private sellers that currently clutters Craigslist.

What are your thoughts on this? Comment below on what you think about Craigslist’s policy change.