While the vast majority of collectible cars featured in the Spring Carlisle Car Corral and Auction are from domestic manufacturers, there’s no shortage of cool imports to choose from. The docket of nearly 500 lots at Carlisle Auctions two-day event during the last Thursday and Friday of April 2019 offered a total of four Porsches. Surprisingly, three of the four Porsche owners offered their cars at No Reserve. Those three examples ended up selling for a total of $35,900 which would make a nice starting collection.  The best part: this hypothetical three-car collection contains an air-cooled example and a 911.

Lot T168: 1972 Porsche 914 1.7$10,800

This 32K mile Grand Prix White over Black Vinyl 1972 914 1.7 was part of Thursday’s “No Reserve Hour” where 22 cars crossed the block and sold to the highest bidder.  This 914 was one of many good values we observed during that hour (read our post on that here).  With a hammer price of $10,800 this example landed appropriately between the Hagerty Online Valuation Tool estimates of #3 “Good” and #4 “Fair” levels.  Long considered the entry level step child of collectible Porsches (mainly due to its VW Type IV engine), the rising tide of air cooled 911s has had a positive effect on these mid-engine examples.  While not the fastest car even by early-seventies standards, the slot-car handling, removable Targa top, and surprising storage make these a great weekend fun car.


Lot T310: 1999 Porsche 911 Six-Speed Coupe – $11,600

The 996 version of the iconic rear engine sports car has spent all of its life as the unloved 911 due to its “scrambled egg” style headlights, shared Boxster components, and Mein Gott, the conversion from air- to water cooling.  Fears of the engine’s Intermediate Shaft (“IMS”) bearing failing at any moment also helped keep prices of these otherwise wonderful-to-drive 911s depressed.  Regardless of how you feel about owning an air-cooled versus water-cooled 911, the 1999 models will go down in history as the last true analog Porsches; the 2000 model switched from a traditional cable to a-drive-by-wire throttle and ever since Porsche has been busy adding all sorts of Nanny-state devices designed to keep the rear end of these cars planted through every turn.

The example presented here sold at a market-appropriate price based on the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool for a #4 “Fair” value less 15% for not addressing the aforementioned IMS bearing. While the very common silver-over-black color combination of this vintage (estimated to be near 40% of the total production) also helps keep the price of this example flat, it’s still a Porsche 911. As long as the new owner spends the $2,000 to purchase and install the proper IMS retrofit kit, they will have a wonderful 911 they can enjoy for many years to come without losing a penny of their investment.


Lot T171: 2002 Porsche Boxster Five-Speed – $13,500

Loyal GuysWithRides.com followers already know were huge fans of Porsche’s original 986 Boxster;  we own a 1998 example that we’ve logged over 30K miles on weekends and road trips over the past four years.  We speak from experience when we say the base models are excellent, comfortable sports cars with plenty of luggage space for long trips.

The 37K mile Silver-over-Black example presented here was in great condition that sold about midway between the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool values for a #2 “Excellent” and #3 “Good” levels.  Similar to the 911 mentioned above, these 2.7-liter equipped Boxsters are known to have IMS problems, particularly low mileage examples such as this one.  So, we recommend the buyer take care of that ASAP to protect their solid investment.  Once complete, the new owner can drive and enjoy their new Boxster anywhere with confidence.


We observed three separate winning bidders these Porsches.  Candidly, one was a known dealer that we will be tracking to see what they end up doing with car and will provide an update when we confirm the outcome.  So, while these all ended up going to separate new owners, we hope you agree it would have been more fun to watch a savvy first-day auction attendee grab all three of these Porsches for the going rate of a 1980s vintage 911 SC to start a solid collection that will be welcome at any Porsche Club of America event.  To all, good luck with the purchase!