Discovered here on Craigslist in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is this White over Grey Cloth 2002 Ford Ranger standard cab, two wheel drive pickup.  The Kelly Blue Book Online Guide provides a range of $2,952  to $4,741 for private party sales of similar trucks in this condition, so the owner has his truck realistically priced.

A nice simple small truck that gets decent gas mileage and even fits in a one-car garage.  We’re dumbfounded as to why manufacturers walked away from this segment in favor of the new mid-sized versions that are really the full-sized trucks in size prior to the early 1990s.  In particular, we just never understood why Ford walked away from selling Rangers in the U.S. 2012 after a successful 29 year production run.  More frustrating is that year, they launch a new version of the Ranger in all markets except the U.S.  Was Ford so embarrassed for killing U.S. Ranger production that they avoided selling a foreign made redesigned version? Comment below on your thoughts as we’d love to know the answer to this question.

For the 1983 model year, Ford introduced the Ranger for the United States and Canada. Replacing the Courier (a rebadged Mazda B1800), the Ranger was the first compact pickup truck designed by Ford. Using the same chassis architecture, three generations of the Ranger were produced across its 29-year production run. The model line underwent major redesigns for 1993 and 1998, a mid-cycle update in 1989, with smaller updates for 2001, 2004, and 2006. Just a nice basic little truck that, with four cylinder power, provided decent fuel economy.

The original owner of this 89K mile Ranger states that his truck is “very clean inside and out.” The extensive exterior pictures provided confirm that fact on the exterior as we do not detect any dents or other paint defects.  The steel wheels and trim rings appear to be in great shape and the original liner did its job protecting this truck’s bed. The owner also mentions this truck features a new set of tires.

Another feature not mentioned in the seller’s description is that his truck features a trailer hitch.  Equipped with only a 2.3 liter inline four, this Ranger is only rated for about 2,000 pounds, however from our perspective that’s enough to tow your jet skis to the lake or your snowmobile to your favorite trail.

As for the interior, the owner states that its never been smoked in. While we agree that the interior is also in clean condition, the light gray seats do show signs of wear and ground in dirt that we’re hopeful a good steam cleaning can freshen up.  We love that this truck features cold working air conditioning yet still relies on manual roll up windows.

The four cylinder engine of this truck presents as new.  The owner proudly states his truck needs nothing and that his Ranger “runs, drives, and looks excellent” and based on the pictures provided we would be hard pressed to disagree.

In addition to just being serviced, the seller can provide a clean Carfax Report ad has the title in hand. We picked this little truck as looks to be a great candidate for a mild Hot Rod.  For under $3,500 you would be hard pressed to find anything else in such nice condition regardless of whether you decide to keep it stock or modify it slightly.  Good luck with the purchase!