During a Sunday drive along the backroads of Raritan Township, New Jersey we came across this Red over Tan 1980 Chevrolet Corvette for sale by the owner at the end of his long driveway. He’s currently asking $12,000, which based on the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool  is about $900 above the #3 “Good” level.  The seller also notes on the “For Sale” sign that his Corvette has only 58K miles. With NJ classic car license plates so we’re assuming its been registered that way since 2012.  We’re also assuming this is a 1980 example based on the part number listed on the tail lights because the seller did not list that on his sign.

The bright red over tan leather is a classic Corvette color combination, especially with the optional aluminum wheels.  The exhaust system appears to be an aftermarket system, so you’ll need to get more information from the seller as well as any other possible engine modifications.  Other than that, this example appears to have been kept stock.

While you’ll have to ask the seller why he hasn’t registered his Corvette in seven years, it looks to be a nice driver quality car. The paint overall is very presentable condition with only a several minor chips found during our casual first inspection:

Despite only having the base 190 horsepower 350 cubic inch L48 V8 connected to a four-speed automatic, this example has the desirable mirrored T-Top and aluminum wheel options, both of which present well.  We did not confirm the date code of the tires to determine their age however they do not look cracked.

Other than a noticeable split in the driver’s side lumbar support, the light tan hides in this example are in good condition, particularly for such a light shade.  We also noticed the installation of an aftermarket radio, so you’ll have to confirm with the seller whether he still has the original head unit.

Overall, this appears to be a fun entry-level C3 Corvette in the right colors with desirable options that deserves a call and a test drive.  Candidly, despite the downturn in performance numbers, we’ve always preferred the front end styling of the 1980-1982 C3 Corvettes as these always had a much cleaner look that was also significantly more aerodynamic.  Good luck with the purchase!