We came across what appears to be a survivor quality 1986 Dodge D150 pickup here in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey listed for $4,250. The current NADA Classic, Collectible, Exotic, and Muscle Car Appraisal Guide currently lists the “Low”, “Average”, and “High” values for this truck at $1,200, $2,850, and $3,925, respectively so you’ll need to work with the seller to understand his rationale for his current asking price.  Two observations worth noting.  First, the private seller mentions he purchased this truck from the original owner’s estate and that it has a clean New Jersey title. However, with the pictures showing Pennsylvania plates, we’re sensing a private party “flip” here.  No harm, no foul:  just something to be aware of.  Second, the pictures provided appear to be from early spring, so we sense the seller has been trying to sell the truck for several months so you may have some additional leverage with that.

The first generation of Dodge Ram pickups introduced in 1981 was actually the final generation of rebadged D series pickups dating back to 1972. The rebadging with the “Ram” name was one of many changes put into place after Lee Iacocca took the helm of Chrysler Corporation. The rebadging included an embossed “DODGE RAM” name on the tailgate along with other subtle changes to the grille, hood, taillights, and interior. While this body style continued through to 1993 and was popular with fleets, it sold poorly compared to the more modern alternatives offered by Ford and GM.

The private seller states that this two-wheel drive, regular cab, long box pickup came equipped with a 318 cubic inch V8 connected to an automatic transmission as well as power steering and power brakes.  With only 89K original miles, this truck appears to be a nice survivor.

The tan cloth interior appears to be in like new condition although convenience options are sparse.  This truck is not equipped with air conditioning and the radio is the original AM/FM unit.

The pickup used a cap for most of its life and the bed shows minimal wear as a result.

The 318 cubic inch V8 appears to be original, complete, and in need of a good detailing.

If you subscribe to the “Mopar or No Car” philosophy, this older Dodge truck is a nice alternative to the more popular “Big Rig” style that came later.  Good luck with purchase!