The morning of Father’s Day 2019 in Central New Jersey started with thick clouds and the threat of rain, so the Guys With Rides Team decided to stay close to home and attend the Flemington Assembly of God’s Third Annual  Cars & Coffee.  We were pleasantly surprised by the solid turnout we’re told grows every year and by the very friendly attendees with a nice mix of collectible vehicles.  That’s where we met Chris and his family.  As one of the first arrivals, a small crowd of formed around the front of Chris’ 1959 Series II 88 Land Rover while kids enjoyed jumping into the back to sit in the novel side-facing rear seats.

What started out as a Craigslist search for a “wood truck” Chris could use to haul lumber for the house he was in the midst of building ended up being a desire for an old Land Rover.  When he found this 1959 Series II 88, it was not running and in need of complete reconditioning.  The fact that Chris never restored a vehicle did not deter him and three years later he proudly has the great example you see in the pictures here. The biggest setback during the restoration ended up being the engine.  After getting the engine running, Chris was on a high when he left his driveway in his Landy for a shake down cruise.  Unfortunately, his high turned into a low less than one mile from his new home when he realized the oil pressure gauge reading zero was in fact working as he listened to the Land Rover’s motor self destruct.  Still not deterred, Chris found and installed a replacement motor and even tackled repainting the aluminum bodied Land Rover himself.

Chris is not afraid to use his “Landy” as he enjoys taking it off road on friends’ private property locally in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  While that’s fun, he’s really looking forward to an upcoming trip with friends to Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area two hours away in Central Pennsylvania to really put his Series II 88 through it paces.  Thank you for sharing your story, Chris!

When it comes to collectible vehicles, there is a story under every hood.  Do you have a story you’d like to share?  Drop us a line at [email protected]