Acceleration on par with a Ferrari.  The 1991 Syclone rocked the automotive world as being not only the fastest production truck, with 4.3 second 0-60 mile per hour acceleration the ability to run a 13 second quarter mile, it could hold its own with supercars of the day.  You can read more about the history of these amazing trucks by visiting this Wiki post.

Preparing for our latest Trucking Tuesday we came across a very rare opportunity in this 1991 GMC Syclone we found here on Craigslist in Howell, NJ where the seller currently has it listed for $26,500.  Based on the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool, the seller has his Syclone priced slightly less than halfway between the #2 “Excellent” value of $33,100 and the #3 “Good” level of $21,700. 

Not only is this Syclone rare, but the seller did a great job with his post; both the pictures provided as well as the description below provide a good picture of what you are potentially buying. 

Here’s what the private seller reports:

“GMC Syclone #5 of 2,995 made. 50,000 miles, exterior and interior in excellent condition. This is a rare and documented Syclone that was used for advertising and promotional venues, not initially meant for resale. This truck comes with a letter from the purchasing manager at PAS Inc. to the dealer in California, stating it is a Syclone PROTOTYPE with specific instructions to be able to sell the vehicle. Owners manual, dealer warranty paperwork, press releases, articles, magazines and tons of receipts. New Corvette ZR1 style wheels w/ Nitto Nt-05’s. Have the original wheels with new Firestone tires. Everything works and runs excellent with no issues.”

This truck represents a great piece of history that appears to be well preserved, unmolested, and well documented.  Have fun at stop lights on your way to the car show of your choice surprising just about any other performance car in the next lane.  Good luck with the purchase!