The Guys With Rides Team will be on hand to watch this one-family-owned 1978 Porsche 356C “Recreation” cross the auction block.  “Recreation” in this case is a fancy word for “kit car” so it will be interesting to see what kind of money this car draws when it won’t get you membership into the Porsche Club of America regardless of the amount of Porsche parts this was built with.  In particular, we will be looking at the engine of this car as  despite having the “Porsche” script on the fan shroud it looks more like a VW-sourced mill.

From the Barrett-Jackson Docket:

“Lot #42 – This 1978 Porsche Speedster re-creation was one of approximately 600 made in the late ‘70s by the Automobili Intermeccanica Co. based in Los Angeles, CA. It is powered by a 1600cc 4-cylinder Porsche engine and a 4-speed manual transmission, and features all-Porsche components and emblems. It has 20,609 original miles and comes with original top, side windows and half cover.”