Dare to be different!  Here’s a great and frankly much more cost effective alternative to the recent wave of Porsche 911s converted for off road.  How about a NA Mazda Miata to sling around in the mud?  We found this cool Miata here on Craigslist in Wilmington, North Carolina for only $4,300.  That’s $400 less than the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool listing for a #4 “Fair” Condition Mazda, so given all of the parts and modifications the seller lists in his description, there’s a lot here for the money.

About the only downside we currently see in the private seller’s description is, “it runs and drives, like any toy car it’s not perfect and needs some fine tuning (some rattles, emissions work so can pass inspection).”  Unless you plan to keep this Miata off road, the “emissions work” comment concerns us, so be sure to review with the seller what exactly needs to be done.  We also are not fans of the blue metallic steering wheel (not air bag equipped) and matching shift knob, so those would be the first thing we would change, but that’s us.

NA Miatas are cheap to run and virtually bullet proof, so this is a great way to hit the trails.  We’re willing to bet if you sort the emissions issues and drive this to your local Cars & Coffee, most off-road and rally enthusiasts will walk right by the converted 911 to talk to you about your new Miata.  Good Luck with the purchase and enjoy doing doughnuts and rally-style turns in your local sand pit!