Here’s an example of a vehicle you can buy for likely a lot less than it would cost to replicate it.  We found this 1979 Ford F150 Pro Street Pickup here on Craigslist in Millersville, Maryland where the private seller is asking $19,000 for it currently.  Interestingly, the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool currently lists the #2 “Excellent” value for these trucks at $19,100, so we’re curious whether the seller used that as a pricing guide as well.

The seller states this is a “fresh built” 1979 short bed with only 300 miles based on a solid, rust free example.  The seller states that his truck is equipped with what he calls a “real deal” NASCAR motor producing 740 horsepower.  Additional modifications include disc brakes all around, power steering, a Crown Victoria front suspension, and of course a four link, coil over suspension with a narrowed rear end (we’re assuming a Ford 9″) capable of fitting the massive 33×22/20 rear tires underneath the stock bed.

The seller reports that his Pro Street truck is “Turn key and ready to go. Has good street manners and drives very nice.” Unfortunately, the private seller does not provide a picture of the interior so you’ll have to get more information directly from him about that.  While we’re the first to admit this is not everyone’s cup of tea, if you love the Pro Street look but don’t have the time or the engineering skills needed to build one, you may find this to be a great alternative that you can enjoy right now.  Good luck with the purchase!