We love it when we come across a Ford Taurus Super High Output Sedan (more commonly known as “S-H-O”) especially a survivor like this one we found here on Craigslist in Tewksbury, Massachusetts where the private seller is currently asking $7,000.  Based on the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool, the private seller has his SHO priced $1,100 higher than the #2 “Excellent” value of $5,900.

When it came time for Ford to redesign the highly successful Taurus sedan, there was no question a SHO would be part of the second generation line-up for 1992.  Despite the Taurus’ redesign, the Yamaha-built version of Ford’s then popular Vulcan V6 3.0L engine. In addition to other upgrades, Yamaha built a double overhead cam head featuring a glorious organ-pipe intake that allowed the engine to rev to 7,000 RPM.  When new, SHO’s could accelerate from 0-60 mph in 6.6 seconds with a 15.0 second quarter mile time and a top speed of 143MPH with this powertrain.

The lack of an automatic transmission hurt sales of first generation SHOs, so for the 1993 model year Ford changed that.  The SHO featured here with the automatic features a 3.2 L version of the aforementioned Yamaha engine which still had 220 hp, but now boasted 215 foot-pounds of torque, which was a 15 bump over the 3.0 L version.

The seller provides a very brief description that his SHO “has low mileage with no rust or rot.”  Consequently you will have to do your homework to determine the history of his SHO and how well its been maintained.  While this example has great potential with many miles left, its clear the light tan interior needs a thorough detailing and perhaps the driver’s seat could use a refresh by a skilled leather technician.  The author can personally attest that these are fun, fast, and very comfortable to drive so as long as the inspection and history checks out, you’ll have a lot of fun driving this to your next local Cars & Coffee.  Good luck with the purchase!