What kind of world are living in where an early nineties six-cylinder diesel truck is capable of high 11 second quarter miles?  We’d say a pretty darn good one!  We found such a beast in July 2019 on Craigslist in Clinton, New Jersey where the private seller is currently asking $12,600 for it.  Interestingly, the NADA Classic, Collectible, Exotic, and Muscle Car Appraisal Guide lists their “Low”, “Average”, and “High” value range for this truck at $1,525, $3,400, and $4,900, respectively, so only the buyer can decide whether all of the go-fast goodies already installed on this truck are worth the $7,000 premium on a truck with 372,489 miles (no, that’s not a typo – see the picture below).

The private seller states this project started as a bone stock D250 “5,000 miles ago” so we have no time reference of how long that’s been.  An early modification was a rear end swap for a Dana 80 Dually axle and the installation of what the seller describes as a “very clean rust free dually bed.”  From there, the seller rebuilt the lower end of the Cummins 12V six cylinder with a variety of aftermarket goodies he details in his Craigslist post.

The seller reports that channeling all of that power is “an HTS built 47RE transmission with a billet input shaft and Suncoast Torque Converter. The valve body is a Suncoast with a reverse manual valve body and transmission brake with a TCI Outlaw shifter. The transmission is technically an automatic but it will hold any gear until the shifter lever is moved manually.”  While the seller boldy states, “the truck is very fast and is capable of high 11’s in the 1/4 mile.” unless he can provide a time sheet documenting that, we’ll assume that’s more likely a 12 sec E/T for now.  That said, the author never thought he would see the day where a 3/4 ton diesel-powered dually pickup would be capable of such speed!

The seller goes on to mention that the body and interior of his D250 “are not perfect by any means, the only thing this truck needs is a nice paint job.” and that the “the driveline is 100% solid.” While we can’t confirm the solidity of the drivetrain without a thorough test drive, in the pictures provided this D250 looks like a solid “twenty footer.”  The only thing we noticed from these shots is in the driver’s door rocker panel:  if you look closely there appears to a small amount of rust through at that point.  We recommend an in-person inspection to verify this is in fact an easily repairable hole.

Finally, the seller makes the statement, “Yes, it blows smoke, I recommend slightly smaller injectors to clean it up for daily driving.” In other words, you’ll likely be “rolling coal” everywhere you drive this beast until you swap out the injectors. There are simply too many other go fast goodies and modifications the seller details in his post that we won’t replicate here.

If you’re into diesel-powered trucks and like to see how fast you can make them go, with a claimed 5,000 miles since this truck’s powertrain was put in place likely means that its debugged, especially once you change out the aforementioned injectors.  If that proves true, you can focus your efforts on body and paint while you go very fast in between.  Good luck with the purchase!