August 21 Update:  when we originally featured this Citroën in July, so one seemed to care when it was priced at $4,500.  The seller just lowered his price again to $4,200 in a new Craigslist post.  We’ve updated the link below.

We found a wagon you just don’t see in the U.S. that often:  we came across this 1973 Citroën Ami Wagon here on Craigslist in Downington, Pennsylvania where the current owner is asking $4,500 or best offer.  Unfortunately, our best attempts to find pricing guidelines were unsuccessful as these were never officially imported into the U.S.

Citroën launched its Ami (“Friend” in French) front wheel drive economy car in 1961 and produced it through 1978.  Citroën developed the Ami as a rebodied 2CV (“Deux Cheveaux”) with a larger air cooled 602 cc air cooled engine.  The Ami came in either a four door saloon (sedan) or estate (wagon) such as the example featured here.  While the Ami had a modern body, sharing the agricultural chassis of the older 2CV made it hard for consumers to justify a starting price that was 35% higher.

The private seller does not provide the details of how this Ami made it to the U.S., so be sure to comment below if you learn more about this car. What’s neat is that it still features the original French license plates when it was sold new in France.  The seller reports this two cylinder, four-speed example has 67K miles and it “Runs and drives well. Needs TLC but is driveable as is”  He also states that it has “some rust in floors” however he does not provide pictures, so you’ll need to look closely during an in-person inspection to confirm the extent of it.  The seller also lists the interior as “decent” however based on the pictures that is not the adjective we would have used.  We also notice the passenger side doors have a different shade of white than the balance of the body, so you’ll need to confirm with the seller what that is so.

If you’re into French cars or perhaps you’re looking to add to your Citroën collection, then this will be a great candidate for you.  If nothing else, there’s plenty of room to throw some wine and picnic basket full of cheese and fresh baguettes in back and then take three of your “Amis” for a drive and a picnic.  Good luck with the purchase!