We came across this 2000 Bowling Green Metallic over Graphite leather Chevrolet Corvette Convertible here on Craigslist in Cape May, New Jersey where the private seller is asking $11,500.  Based on the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool, the private seller has his Corvette priced $1,400 below the #4 Fair level of $12,900.  In hist post, the seller mentions he, “may accept a reasonable offer in person after you have seen the car!”  If this C5 checks out on a CarFax and when seen in person, its likely you are getting a great deal on this Corvette.

From our perspective, C5 Corvettes will likely go down in history as the performance bargain of the entire lineage.  Not only are they great and relatively reliable performers, you can actually push 30 mpg on the highway with the six-speed manual if you can keep you foot off the gas!
Introduced for the 1997 model year, the fifth generation Corvette featured an innovative hydroformed box frame structure combined with modular Sheet Molded Composite (“SMC”) body panels that provided a lighter yet much rigid structure the C4.  Even better, this design eliminated the need for the huge frame rails of the C4 that made egress in and out the C4 almost laughable.  To aid handling and improve cabin room,  Chevrolet took a page from Porsche’s 928 and 944 to develop a transaxle mounted between the rear wheels that connected to the mid-mounted front engine via a torque tube.  The resulting 50%/50% made the C5 the best handling Corvette mechanically.  Other side benefits of the new design included a huge reduction in the typical Corvette squeaks and rattles as well as generous trunk space for the convertible for the first time since 1962 (granted eliminating a spare tire through the use of run-flat tires facilitated this).

Its rare to find C5s without some sort of modification performed, so when we saw “adult owned, never modified, completely stock.” We were very thrilled.  We like that this example has 72,500 miles on it; that works out to 3,800 miles a year, which tends to show this example was a nicely used weekend car and not a garage queen.  This example also includes the desirable Heads Up Display and Bose premium stereo.  The graphite interior appears presentable with normal creases in the driver’s seat. That said the dark picture combine with the graphite color may not show imperfections you might see during an in person inspection.

This C5 appears to be an affordable entry into Corvette ownership that is arguably more comfortable, equally performing, better handling, and more economical than any of its predecessors.  Good luck with the purchase!