Often the best place to find collectible vehicles is down the street from your home.  That’s exactly where we found this primer-covered, 1965 Chevrolet C10 Fleetside Short Bed Pick-up on Route 202 South between Branchburg and Flemington, New Jersey.  The seller has $22,900 on the “For Sale” sign in the truck’s window, which without even looking at any price guide is simply out of touch with reality based on the truck’s current condition.  While a solid truck that appears to have a fresh V8 installed, this still needs a fair amount of work to get it show ready.  So let’s just manage expectations by saying this is at best a #4 “Fair” Condition truck.

The Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool currently lists a #4 “Fair” condition truck such as the example featured here should be $7,800.  Based on this index, the seller has his truck unrealistically priced at $3,200 below Hagerty’s #2 “Excellent” value of $25,700.  Howevhe NADA Classic, Collectible, Exotic, and Muscle Car Appraisal Guide says the value range of “Low, “Average”, and “High” set at $16,000, $28,500, and $69,100, respectively so we have a hunch that’s the guide the seller is trying to rely on.  Another father and son team stopped to look at the truck while we were there and could not believe the asking price of what they were looking at either.  Consequently, we’re giving this project truck our latest “NEW!” (short for No Effin Way!) Award for having a price expectation that is out of line with the actual condition of the truck.

Look, we have no doubt this is a sold driver.  The good in this truck is that it’s clearly a solid example underneath and for the most part, on the exterior body panels as well. While we’re glad the gas tank has been relocated out of the cab to the rear frame rails, it appears to be a custom aluminum fabrication so we have our concerns whether they designed in proper baffling.  Also good is what appears to be a fresh motor.  The bad is that while they added horsepower they still left a single circuit for the brake system. Also bad is that the exterior needs A LOT of body work before it receives a repaint.  The bed wood also needs to be replaced and refinished.  The ugly are the period deep dish aluminum wheels in bad need of sanding and polishing.

While the sign says this truck comes with lots of extras, we highly doubt they will be worth the high asking price.  We predict we will be seeing this C10 along the side of the road for some time to come.  Good luck with the purchase!

(Note: we came across this C10 at one of the worst times to try an photograph.  Not only was the temperature 100 degrees, but the sun’s position was directly behind the truck with not a cloud in sight.  We will likely go back early this week to rephotograph when the light is more optimal.)