We found this 1962 Studebaker Champ Pickup truck here on Craigslist in Haymarket, Virginia where the private seller is currently asking $6,200 for his truck.  Based on the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool, the seller has his Champ fairly priced $1,300 less than the #4 “Fair” value of $7,300.

Studebaker Launched its new Champ pickup in 1960 at a time when the company was hurting for money. Consequently, the company’s engineers had to come up with innovative ways to save money to update the ten year old previous model.  Ultimately, this meant using essentially the same chassis originally dating back to 1949.  While an entirely new cab was out of the question because of cost considerations, engineers realized the company’s new compact Lark body was about the right size and shape to suit the purpose. The engineering staff took a four-door sedan, cut it in half behind the front doors and modified the front half slightly to fit the truck chassis. The only new sheetmetal stamping required was the back wall of the new cab.  Minor modifications for mounting of the cab to the 1949-vintage truck frame were also made.  Engineers also used the Lark’s front end sheetmetal, but funds were allocated to give the Champ a new horizontal-bar grille that delivered a “tougher” look.

The private seller of this Studebaker truck reports that his “good running condition” example was originally from California that has been barn stored in Virginia since 1995.  He also states his truck has “minimal powder rust” but we’re not sure what that term means.  While he reports his Studebaker is equipped with a V8 engine connected to a three-speed manual transmission, he does not mention whether it’s the 259 or 289 cubic inch version and whether its equipped with a two- or four barrel carburetor.  Comment below if you can tell from the lone engine picture what size this truck is equipped with.  While the seller states the truck has a new instrument panel, dashboard covering, and wring harness, its clear from the lone picture the interior needs to be finished off.  The seller also mentions a manual and a copy of the original purchase invoice are included in the sale; not clear is whether the cool Studebaker sign shown in the bed stays there as part of the deal.

We love the look of these Champ trucks, so all we would do is finish the interior, replace the rearview mirrors with period correct units, clean up the exterior, and drive as is.  This “Studie” makes a great alternative to the sea of Chevy and Ford trucks being driven to local car shows these days, so dare to be different!  Good luck with the purchase!