September 2020 Update – We’re busy updating our database accurately reflect the status of every car we’ve featured since starting  This Plymouth Arrow we first featured in December 2019 has since sold.

October 16, 2019 Update: when we originally featured this 1988 Volkswagen Fox Two Door Wagon in late July, we thought the seller’s asking price at the time was a bit optimistic and that has played out as the seller lowered their asking price to $3,500. We’ve updated the link for the current Craigslist post below.  Good luck with the purchase!

We saw this rare 1988 Volkswagen Fox Shooting Brake (a British term for two-door wagon body styles) once posted in Great Barrington, Massachusetts where the private seller had it listed for $4,999 before lowering the price to $3,500  The NADA Classic, Collectible, Exotic, and Muscle Car Appraisal Guide’s “Low”, “Average”, and “High” value range for this wagon is $1,400, $2,275, and $3,375, respectively.  Only potential buyers can decide whether a rust-free, one owner Fox in a rare body style is worth the $1,600 premium.

Facing stiff new low-priced competition from Hyundai combined with a very strong Deutsch Mark in the mid-eighties, Volkswagen of America responded in 1987 by importing a U.S. version of its popular Brazilian-built Gol rebranded as the Fox.  To put it in perspective at the time, the base price for a new Golf was $8,190 while VW was able to offer the Fox for $5,690. While the two and four-door sedans for the most part have been forgotten, the rare two-door wagon remains a coveted piece among VW enthusiasts.

Based on the description provided and the fact this Fox has no license plates, we get the sense this it may be a private party “flip.”  Here’s why:  in the description the seller states that, “Lived in garaged Atlanta Georgia home.  Lovingly maintained by original owner.”  So, either the seller is actually the original owner or they bought this Fox from them.  You’ll need to get the full story from the seller.  Its rare to see a VW Fox come up for sale and of the few that do, this one is certainly the nicest based on the few pictures provided.  This body style in this condition will be the envy of all of the “VDUB” enthusiasts who come to admire your Fox at any Cars & Coffee or Radwood event.  Good luck with the purchase!