An interesting post that listed just in time for our “Four By Friday” feature is this 1988 Chevrolet Van project featuring a Pathfinder Equipment 4×4 conversion that we came across on Craigslist in Brooklyn, NY where the seller currently had it listed for $3,000. It went very quickly.

Fans of Guys With Rides know that we are quick to feature any Van that has received a Quigley 4×4 conversion.  While these days Quigley is the sole source for factory 4×4 conversions, back when this short wheelbase Chevy Van was new, Pathfinder Equipment was Quigley’s main competitor.  Unfortunately, Pathfinder went out of business long ago.

The seller claims he has “lost steam” on this project as he has several others waiting in queue. While he’s already completed in his words “a ton of body work” the next caretaker needs to finish it.  Also worth noting is the seller reports that the pictures are old and do not reflect all of the body work he has put into it.  He plans to provide updated photos, so we will keep an eye out and add those.  While this van remains a project, we like the quality of the rust repair work completed thus far.  The seller states that, “a few more rust spots need to be cut and patched, but all the heavy duty work is done.”

While he doesn’t provide any interior pictures, the seller reports the inside is stripped bare and is ready for however you want to customize it to your tastes.  This 4×4 Van intrigues us as we love the combination of a professionally installed 4×4 conversion on a rare short wheelbase chassis with a stripped interior ready for you to customize to suit your taste and plans for this project.

If you decide to buy this project, please keep us posted on what you plan to do with it and progress by commenting below.  Good luck with the purchase!