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September 24, 2019 Update:  Getting ready for our latest Wagon Wednesday feature we discovered a fresh listing for this 1972 Volvo P1800ES we originally featured in early May.  We’ve updated the Craigslist link below and note that he lowered the price by another $2,000 to $12,500.  The seller also updated his post (shown in the carousel above) with more recent pictures that illustrate the true condition of his Volvo this summer.  The pictures we still have archived in the post below are from last winter are from the seller’s original post.

August 7, 2019 Update:  We just noticed this P1800ES we originally featured in early May is still for sale by the private seller in Montclair, New Jersey.  We’ve updated the Craigslist link below and note that he lowered the price back then by $1,000 to $14,500.  The seller also updated his post with more recent pictures that illustrate the true condition of his Volvo; the bright summertime pictures are the new ones while the dull winter ones remain from the original post.

Searching for this week’s Wagon Wednesday feature car, we came across this 1972 Gold Metallic over Tan leather Volvo P1800ES Two Door Wagon (more affectionately referred to as a “Shooting Brake”) first listed in May 2019 on Craigslist in Montclair, New Jersey.  Based on the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool, the private seller now has his Volvo Shooting Brake priced $2,900 above the #4 “Fair” estimate of $9,600.  Looking through the winter pictures provided of the rear hatch glass (see the “CAA” sticker?) it’s clear that this car spent at a minimum its early years in Canada.  The seller does not elaborate in his ad, so you’ll need to get the full story.


Volvo originally developed the P1800 as a 2+2, front-engine, rear-drive touring car that lasted from its debut in 1961 through 1971.  Then in 1972, Volvo transformed the next generation into a stunning two-door wagon (known in Great Britain as a shooting brake), the P1800ES, that featured a frameless, all-glass tailgate.  Unfortunately, with stricter American safety and emissions standards looming for 1974, Volvo could not justify the considerable amount necessary to redesign the small-volume 1800 ES. Consequently, Volvo built only 8,077 examples of the ES during its short two-year production run.  At the time, the general public and motoring press alike mocked the 1800 ES design.  In Sweden, the P1800ES was nicknamed Fiskbilen, or “Fish Van” while in Germans called the car Schneewittchensarg or “Snow White’s Coffin” because of the all-glass rear hatch. However, over time the styling came of age.

Canadian history aside, the body has no dents and the paint presents very well although it’s not clear whether this example has been repainted.  The owner also states that all of the glass is in nice condition.

The owner states that his car features its original leather interior.  Based on the limited pictures the rear seat looks unused while the front buckets are in presentable condition with a patina commensurate with age.  The passenger seat appears to be faded in the latest pictures, however we’re hopeful that’s more a function of camera lighting.  The carpet in the rear cargo area appears faded and stained, so given the large expanse of glass this would likely be the first cosmetic issue we would address.


Good luck with the purchase!

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