October 1st Update:  We confirmed the seller deleted their Craigslist post for their unique demilitarized 4×4, so we’re making this one “Sold!”

When we saw this Bobbed Deuce in August 2019, we knew we had to post it on Four By Friday!  We found this 1978 AM General version M35A2 in Rindge, New Hampshire where the private seller asked $9,000. We don’t have an official pricing source for vehicles like this, however online research on military vehicle sites seems to indicate this price is in line with the market given its modifications.

The M35 2 1/2 Ton 6×6 truck has been a military staple dating back to just after Wold War II.  The basic M35 cargo truck, nicknamed “Deuce and a half”, are capable of carrying 5,000 pounds of cargo off-road or 10,000 pounds on pavement.  In addition to having capable all wheel drive systems and a power-take-off to run accessories, the most notable feature is the M35’s multi-fuel engine, which is designed to operate reliably on a wide variety of fuels, including diesel fuel, jet fuel, kerosene, heating oil, or gasoline in an emergency.

What makes this example a “Bobbed Deuce” is the removal of the second rear axle combined with a shortened frame and bed.  This is where you will need to spend time inspecting the quality of the conversion work to ensure your M35 is safe and will track true when going in a straight line.

The private seller reports his Bobbed Deuce has 13,000 miles and is equipped with 395/85R 20 tires mounted on Boyce rims.  The pictures provided do not put into perspective that the tires are five feet tall, so you won’t be parking this beast in your garage!  In addition to retaining its multi-fuel turbo diesel power plant, this example comes equipped with a 20 ton Winch, 2 1/2 ton top load Rockwell axles, and the capability to lock the rear axle.

While perhaps not as a capable off-road as a modern portal-axle equipped 4×4, we’re willing to venture there isn’t much that will stop this beast.  The ability to run any kind of fuel you can find is perfect for traveling post-apocalypse but for now it will make a great conversation piece at your nearest off-road gathering.  Good luck with the purchase!