Often times the best collectible cars for sale can often be found just by driving around.  That’s exactly what happened during a Saturday morning run for fresh Jersey corn on the cob when we spotted this 1951 Flat Black Dodge Wayfarer Two Door Business Coupe in nearby Ringoes, New Jersey.  The “For Sale” sign on the car simply says “Runs and Drives” and no one was home at the time for us to ask how much they are hoping to sell this Dodge for.  Using the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool as a guide, #1 “Concours” condition example commands $15,500 while a #4 “Fair” condition daily driver only $4,100.  In this case, we’ll be curious to learn what the owner values all of the custom touches when we learn what his asking price is.

Unlike traditional two door coupes, Business Coupes such as this Wayfarer came with no rear seat or rear side windows.  American manufacturers developed this style of coupe in the late 1930s for traveling salesmen who needed a comfortable, inexpensive car to travel long distances while also being able to carry sales or product.  By the early 1950s, Business Coupes fell out of favor as companies moved away from employing traveling salesmen.

We didn’t have any luck trying to open the car’s hood, but the slammed stance and “Old Skool” Lakes Side pipes have us wondering whether they are just for show or whether they are actually connected to the dual exhaust system poking out from underneath the back bumper.  In addition to custom side skirts, we like how the car has been completely de-trimmed.  The front grill section shows definite signs of being cleaned up from stock and we’ll be curious to learn what car the front bumper is from.  The back bumper appears to be stock with just the overriders removed for a cleaner look. The truck and door handles have also be shave, so we’ll be curious to learn whether the owner installed a custom remote lock system or whether the car relies on opening the door by reaching in through the vent windows.  We love the eight ball shift knob controlling the “three-on-the-tree” column shifter.  

We could not get a decent picture of the interior due to the bright sunlight, however the brown colored pleated front seat appears to be in great shape.

For someone looking for an inexpensive “Old Skool” style Hot Rod, this example is definitely worth taking a look at, especially with all of the essentially modifications in place. We’ll be curious to find out what motor is in the car.  Good luck with the purchase!