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October 18th Update:  The owner sold his beautiful on Thursday, so it’s no longer available, but thanks for looking!

Guys With Rides is pleased to present our latest Reserved Parking feature:  a stunning Black-over-Black leather, 62K original mile, 2003 Porsche 911 six-speed coupe available in Jackson, New Jersey where the current caretaker and Porsche Club of America (“PCA”) member currently wants $26,900 for it. Using the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool, the private seller Jimmy has his 911 fairly priced at $1,300 below the #2 “Excellent” estimate of $28,200, which is commensurate for the car’s condition combined with the desired replacement of the Intermediate (“IMS”) Bearing already completed.

Porsche launched their radically different 996 911 for the 1999 model year.  While the single biggest change over the previous 993 generation was the conversion from air- to water cooling for the flax six engine, the 996 was the first truly mass produced 911 that not only improved quality but also helped improve passenger comfort and storage space.  Fast forward to 2002 and Porsche gave the 996 911 a face lift, with more pleasing headlights derived from the Turbo model, different wheels, new front and rear fascias, and interior improvements that included, finally, a glovebox. Engineers also increased the stroke of the flat six engine which bumped overall displacement to 3.6 liters, and as a result output rose to 320 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque.

An avid and meticulous Porsche enthusiast, Jimmy purchased this 2003 996 911 in June 2018 with 51K miles and since that time logged approximately ten thousand miles, most of which while driving to attend the last two Porsche Parades (Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri in 2018 and Boca Raton Florida earlier this year). In between Porsche Club runs, Jimmy keeps his 911 in Concours-ready condition down to the engine bay that presents cleaner than new.

Jimmy’s 911 is a nicely optioned example which includes unique aluminum-look instruments that work nicely with the same finish center console to brighten the black standard leather interior.

Aftermarket modifications include a flawless set of 19″ Porsche Design Split Wheel Rims shod with recent new tires that still have the vent spews on their sidewalls.  The interior now features a modern Kenwood Head unit connected to the factory Bose speakers that provides Navigation and Blue Tooth Phone integration.

As the receipts below confirm, the Intermediate Shaft (“IMS”) bearing was replaced during a clutch replacement.  Additionally, a diagnostic check confirms the original engine in this 911 has not been over-revved at any point. 

The following video shows the immaculate engine bay during a cold morning startup followed by an on-ramp acceleration run illustrating how smooth and quiet this 911 is.

Jimmy recently completed the 60K mile service, which included new spark plugs and coil packs in addition to a fresh oil change following his return from Porsche Parade.  Other maintenance items under Jimmy’s watch include a brake fluid flush (required every two years) in June as well as replacing the frunk’s hood struts.

The black interior presents as new with no creases in the seat leather and no scratches on the aluminum finish center console.  The rear seats present as new and have never been used while Jimmy has been caretaker.

While this gorgeous example sold, please check back often to see our latest “Reserved Parking” features.