Often times while driving country roads, you can come across a nice classic car for sale.  That’s exactly what happened when we came across this 2-owner, 32K miles Bordeaux Red over Light tan leather 1987 Jaguar XJ-SC V12 in Ellicottville, New York, located about 50 miles south of Buffalo.

We were very impressed to see how rust free the body is as well as how good the condition of the paint is.  The odometer confirmed this Jag has only 32K original miles and upon opening its massive hood we were delighted to see its original V12 engine still in place.  A quick turn of the key without touching the gas pedal brought this wonderfully smooth engine to life.  While all of the electrical options worked on the car, we were not able to get the air conditioning system to blow cold air.

The Surrey top on this rare XJS uses a fixed frame that support removable panels above the passengers as well as a removable rear window section.  The system looks a bit clunky with the panels removed, so it was never a big hit and consequently Jaguar had better success one year later when it introduced a full convertible model.  Unfortunately, the panel above the driver does not want to fit properly and will need to be addressed. Additionally the rare hardtop rear section has faded with age, so all three panels will need to be dyed to bring them back to like-new condition.

The light cream leather seats are in need of a thorough detailing and re-dye however it is still in presentable shape. We note that a corner seam on the driver’s bottom seat cushion needs to be re-sewn before it grows into a bigger problem.  The wood insets on the dash have also stood the test of time well.

When we spoke with the second caretaker, he explained he bought it from the original owner when he headed out west to retire.  When I asked him for a price, he mentioned he has $20K invested into this Jaguar, but he stated he knows its not worth that.  He is looking for offers as he has other Jaguars in his stable that he would like to make room for.

These Jags are not for the faint of heart and while this example has a few niggles to address, the faint sound of the smooth V12 can be very intoxicating.  For the right buyer able to work on this car, the reward will be a very luxurious car to enjoy fresh air motoring with.  Good luck with the purchase!