October 7 th update:  we were surprised to see this 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass W/30 we originally featured in mid-August still for sale under a new, equally brief, Craigslist post with the same price of $5,000.  We wonder whether the continued lack of interior pictures combined with the rear quarter rust noted below prevents this car from being sold to date.  If you decide to take the plunge on this W/30, good luck with the purchase!

Posted over the weekend is this 1979 Oldsmobile W30 here on Craigslist in Feasterville, Pennsylvania by a seller who hates to part with it but reports he needs to make more room as he has too many projects.  He is asking $5,000, which using the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool, he has it priced $2,500 below the #4 “Fair” (considered daily driver) level of $7,500. Without pictures of the interior or the engine, we’re assuming the private seller went with his price as the rear quarter panels on both sides appear to have some rust just behind each rear wheel.  The only other description provided in the post is simply, “runs great. all original.”

When GM downsized its A-body coupes for the 1978 model year.  The popular Oldsmobile Cutlass version gained interior room despite losing nearly a foot in exterior length.  For 1979, Oldsmobile relaunched a Hurst/Olds W30 version based on the Cutlass Calais Coupe. While not the powerhouse of early seventies versions, Oldsmobile did fit these cars with their L34 350 cubic inch V8, making it the only GM A-Body to offer a 350 V8 in 1979 and the first W30 that did not come equipped with a 455 cubic inch mill. A Hurst Dual Gate shifter was standard.  Other than those go-fast goodies, the W30 was mainly a tape-and-paint option that had become so popular by the late seventies.

We love this body style of the Cutlass and if the body work we noted earlier is not too far gone, this car will make a great cruiser for not a lot of money, although we have to admit we would be tempted to do an LS Swap and make it a real sleeper.  Good luck with the purchase!