Up for sale by the caretaker of the past 35 years is this restored and numbers matching, Ember red over black vinyl, 1963 Chevrolet Nova SS convertible your can find here on Craigslist in West Chester, Pennsylvania where he has it listed for $27,500.  Using the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool as a guide, the current caretaker has his Nova priced about $1,500 less than the #2 “Excellent” of $24,200 plus another 20% adjustment for being an original SS model.

Chevrolet launched the more conventional first generation Chevy II in 1962 after the Ford Falcon outsold the radical VW Beetle inspired Corvair in 1960.  Chevrolet produced the first generation cars from 1962 through 1965.  Chevy IIs were available in 100 and 200 series trim levels, while the Nova convertible such as the car featured here was only available in the 400 series.  Chevrolet offered two engines for ’62 and ’63: standard was a 153 cubic inch inline four cylinder, while a new 194 cubic inch straight six the Nova featured here was optional.  Chevrolet only produced convertible Novas for the ’62 and ’63 model years as Chevy accurately predicted the introduction of the full Chevelle line with an available V8 would cannibalize sales of higher trimmed Novas.

The 35 year caretaker of this Nova appears to have started with a nicely optioned example, as his Nova came equipped with factory air conditioning and what he claims is a three-speed, not two-speed, Powerglide transmission.  You’ll have to confirm with this seller whether that’s in fact a true statement.  We love that he converted the factory power brake system to use a dual master cylinder to improve safety.  The interior presents in excellent condition and we note the remote control shown on the console likely works with a hidden radio not mentioned in the owner’s post, so you’ll need to quiz him for details on that.

The owner rebuilt the original 194 cubic inch engine 3K miles ago that features a 0.030 bore over. Both the engine compartment and truck present as they came from the factory, although the air cleaner label may need to be replaced.

The proud owner provides a number of undercarriage photos that prove this Nova is a very solid example that gives the appearance he uses it regularly during the show season.  We note there is another ’63 Nova SS convertible in need of a full restoration that’s priced at $4,500; it will take a lot more than $27,500 as well as time to get that car in this example’s show-ready condition.  If you can afford it now, buy this one and enjoy it immediately.  Good luck with the purchase!