Getting ready for Malaise Monday we came across another light blue Cadillac Coupe DeVille, only this one is last-of-the-true land yacht 1976 version with only 18K original miles you can find here on Craigslist in Hawthorne, New Jersey where the current owner is asking $5,200 or best offer for it.  Using the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool as a guide, the private seller has his Caddy priced $400 below the #4 “Fair” level of $5,600.

While most car nuts remember the early 1970s as a time when cars lost power due to tightening emissions regulations, continued cheap gas in the U.S. meant that American auto makers kept making their luxury cars bigger with larger displacement engines to compensate.  The redesigned full-size, fourth generation Cadillac DeVilles debuted for the 1971 model year riding on a, wait for it, 130 inch (nearly eleven feet!) wheelbase. By 1976 with impact bumpers added, the overall length of Cadillac’s DeVille models jumped to a staggering 230.7 inches, or just over 19 feet.

While lowered compression ratios robbed engine power, Cadillac increased displacement of its big V8 to 500 cubic inches (8.2 liters) to compensate.  With a 5,000 pound curb weight, these cars struggle to achieve 10 mpg on a good day.  Cheap and readily available gas didn’t make this an issue in the early seventies, the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo was a wake up call for U.S. consumers.  While 1976 is usually remembered in Cadillac history as the last year of the “Great American Convertible”, that statement should be revised to read “Last Great Full Size American Land Yacht” as it was also the year of these huge cars before GM introduced its “downsized” full-size line for 1977.

The private seller of this 1976 Cadillac Coupe DeVille reports he found this 18K mile survivor while searching for a 500 cubic inch engine for another project of his and he’s looking to make a little bit on this flip to help fund that project. While he states the interior is like new, he reports that sadly this DeVille sat outside uncovered for the last few years, so it has surface rust on the hood and trunk and the plastic filler panels between the rear fenders and bumpers have cracked and fallen apart.

What’s a crime here is that the seller states, “due to low ball tire kickers, engine will be pulled by September 1st and all other parts will be up for sale.”  We think its a selfish, short-sided crime this low-mileage example will be parted out if not bought this week so we hope someone out there will step up and buy this glorious true land yacht.  Good luck with purchase!